In music school I gained some skill in “take down,” that is, how to listen to music and then notate it.  Recently I found myself listening to the X22 Report three or four times a week, and the theme music drove me nuts because the rhythm was so unusual.  One day I noticed that the credits at the end mentioned the theme music, so I found it on YouTube (“Warrior Strife” by Jingle Punk).  I then simply wrote “1&2&3&4& 1&2&3&4&” –a “click track” of 8th notes.  I was then able to determine which note went with which word, figured out which notes were tied (syncopated), and–voila!  I had it notated.  Good to know I still have my “take down” chops!  🙂  In fact, it’ll be fun to use this rhythmic pattern when I’m teaching my students.