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Marcia has been teaching piano since the age of 13.
As a trained music educator, she also knows methods
of teaching that enable all students to learn.

Marcia’s Music Studio

Clearwater, FL (near downtown)
Marcia Powell
(818) 552-2211

Testimonials From Piano Students

My 9-year-old daughter Diya and and I are grateful we found Ms Marcia.  She is an extremely talented musician and pianist with very effective teaching methods. She can help with vocals as well.  She works not only on technique, but also theory, musicality, effective practicing, and repertoire.  She is very thorough when introducing new songs, making practicing at home a lot easier.  She tailors lessons to fit the students’ needs.  Diya especially likes it when Ms Marcia plays accompaniment parts along with her songs.  Thanks to Ms Marcia’s positive and encouraging teaching style, Diya always enjoys her lessons.  We recently participated in our first recital, which boosted her confidence.  In addition to being very patient and caring, she is a really warm, genuine, and affectionate person.  I recommend her very highly!”

Nima (mother of Diya, age 9)

I am so grateful I found Marcia to teach my kids how to play the piano.  She is an amazing teacher and very talented.   Marcia is very enthusiastic and patient.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in an excellent music teacher.

Monica (mother of Sofia and Adam)

Marcia is very patient and will always make sure you understand what you are doing.  If you are messing up, she will always go back and help you until you get it right.  She’s very nice and a great piano teacher.

Sofia (age 13)

She is very helpful.  I have grown a lot from her piano lessons.  When I get things wrong, she always gives me the chance to find ways to understand music and how to be better.

Adam (age 9)

Marcia is about the nicest lady in the world!  Not only that, she knows her stuff frontwards and backwards.  I value anything she has to teach me.  She is also accompanying me as a singer!  I would recommend her to anyone serious about learning piano.

Tim (age 31)

When I started piano lessons, I had no idea how to play or read notes.  During this first year, I learned how to play so well that I got to play in a recital!  Also she’s helping me learn how to sing.  I love my lessons with Ms. Marcia!

Neccia (age 12)

Marcia’s experience with different age and talent levels is impressive.  She is warm and open and very positive.  Truly a pleasure to work with.

Ruby (age 62)

I have never played the piano before.  I will be 74 this year and thought I might be too old to start, but I was very lucky to find Marcia. I have been taking lessons now for many months and I can actually play some songs!  Marcia is very professional and magical with her instructions.   She makes it fun to learn the piano.  Thank you, Marcia.

Frances (age 74)

You showed me how to play on the piano. I learned a lot. You taught me where middle C is and 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths. I appreciate you. You’re a great piano teacher, and I look forward to learning even more.

Anastasia (age 10)

Marcia is a wonderful piano instructor!  She is very patient and thoroughly professional.  She provides great practice tips and has a deep knowledge of music theory that helps the student understand why the music is supposed to be played in a specific way.  I highly recommend her!

Maryann (age 56)